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Young Children: Priority One


Child Safety Seat

Occupant ID Program

In 2002, 63,000 children under age four were involved in automobile crashes.  Wrecks can happen when children ride with parents, grandparents, neighbors or babysitters. 

 If the adult in the vehicle is seriously injured and unable to talk, emergency personnel have no easy way of identifying the child or his/her special needs – vital information that can help rescue workers comfort a frightened child, while knowing who to contact in an emergency allows them to notify parents or the next closest relative right away.

How does it work?
One informational label attached to the rear of the car seat provides important information about that child in the seat, such as name, medical history, and who to contact in case of an emergency. If placed on the back of the seat, this label will not be visible from outside of the vehicle, thus ensuring the privacy of these personal facts. Make corrections on the information sticker when details change. 

When child outgrows the seat, remove the information sticker.

What does it look like?


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A message from your little person:

Hey, I'm just a little person. I don't know my name, address, phone number or how to reach any of my relatives. Please help assist me by adding stickers to my child safety seat. In the event of an accident,  emergency personnel will have my name and knowledge of how to reach someone who really knows my special needs! Thanks again for loving and caring about me.

Kiwanis Club of Omaha Westside provides the child safety seat occupant ID program labels free of charge to organizations in Omaha. Funds to print the labels comes from the various fund-raising activities conducted by the club throughout the year. In 2012, Methodist Women's Hospital in Omaha teamed up with our club to cover some of the printing costs. If you would like to assist in this very worthy community service program, you can make a donation on-line in our donation module at the bottom of the page.


Note that child safety seat occupant ID program labels are distributed by Kiwanis Club of Omaha Westside to hospitals and child safety seat inspection programs throughout the Omaha area. About 30,000 ID labels have been distributed or in the process of distribution.

If your program received labels and need to re-order, please use the information request in the Contact Us menu.

If your local Omaha program has not yet received any child safety seat occupant ID program labels and you would like to request some, please please use the information request in the Contact Us Menu. You will be contacted by a club member concerning your request. We are sorry, but we cannot fulfill requests outside of Omaha.

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