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 This non-profit organization has a very simple message:



A very powerful message with a very deep meaning for the organization's founders and a message we should take to heart!  Click on the picture above to visit the website and get more in-depth information!

NEVER leave

children alone

in or around vehicles…

Not even for a minute

Many caring and responsible parents have left their children alone in a car, not realizing the risks involved. Some parents think it is okay to leave a child alone in a car while they run to an ATM, quickly drop off dry cleaning or while dropping off another child at school. The results of leaving a child alone in or around a vehicle can be deadly.


  • The temperature inside a car can reach deadly levels in minutes.
  •  Children can set the vehicle in motion.
  •  Your child can be abducted.
  • Drivers have difficulty seeing small children when they back up.
  • The child might leave the vehicle to go looking for you.




  • A car is not a toy…
  • A car is not a playground… AND
  •  A car is certainly not a babysitter.


Safety Tips

  • Children should never be left alone in a vehicle, not even to run a quick errand.
  • Keep vehicles locked at all times; even in the garage or driveway.
  • Teach your children to never play in or around a vehicle.
  •  Keys should never be left within reach of children.
  • Always make sure that all child passengers have left the car after it is parked.
  • If a child is locked inside a car, get him out as quickly as possible. If he is very hot or seems sick, call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.
  • When a child is missing, check vehicles and car trunks right away.


Material above is provided from Kids In Cars™ information card and is used with permission. no longer appears available as of 7/14/2013. Please check with which has a very similar message.

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