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Fast Facts from the Omaha Police Department

(Check these out in your neighborhood):

    Speeding in residential neighborhoods represents the single greatest complaint issue to police departments and city council representatives throughout the U.S. (KKAD25)
    Most speeders in your neighborhood live in your neighborhood. (KKAD25)
    It is not unusual for speeders to be clocked in excess of 40 mph (and even 50 mph on occasion) in 25-mph zones. (KKAD25)
    Speeding extends the distance necessary to stop a vehicle.
    *At 20 mph the total stopping distance needed is 69 feet.
    *At 30 mph, the distance needed is 123 feet.
    *At 40 mph, the distance needed is 189 feet which may not be enough distance and time for you to avoid hitting an object or person on the road (USDOT, NHSTA)
      At night, when you can see only as far as your headlight (160 feet in front of your vehicle), the situation worsens.
        The effectiveness of restraint devices like air bags and safety belts, and vehicular construction features such as crumple zones and side member beams decline as impact speed increases. (USDOT, NHSTA)
          Speed, defined as exceeding the posted speed limit or traveling too fast for the conditions, is cited as a contributing factor in approximately 30% of fatal crashes. (NHSTA)

          Based on the “General Estimates System” database of police-reported accidents, incapacitating pedestrian injuries rose from 18.2 percent in 25 mile-per-hour zones to 23.4 percent in 30 mile-per-hour zones. Pedestrian fatalities spiked respectively from 1.8 percent to 5.4 percent. This fatality rate represents a 3-fold increase just for that 5-mph increase. This is significant, especially if your family member or neighbor is injured or killed.


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