Priority One


Since 1990, Kiwanis clubs around the world have participated in addressing the needs of children through age five in a special program called Young Children: Priority One. Clubs have developed thousands of projects that have improved children's health, safety, developmental opportunities, and parental involvement. Each year there are new children born who need our help.

Kiwanis Club of Omaha Westside actively supports organizations whose activities we feel deserve broad awareness in the community:

Kids In Cars

Our club has supplied the 10 elementary schools of Westside and particularly the parents of students entering kindergarten (about 400 students and families involved) with brochures that explain the importance of "Never leaving your children alone in or around a vehicle for even a 'minute' and provided safety tips regarding children and vehicles". 

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25®

The mission of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® is to change the way we drive on neighborhood streets, and beyond.

Child Safety Seat Occupant ID Program

Kiwanis Club of Omaha Westside has developed a special program to assist the emergency response community with information to properly identify and care for children involved in motor vehicle crashes in which the adult victim is incapacitated.

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