One Can Make A Difference

One can make a difference.
One community.
One organization.
One project.
One volunteer


One minute can make a difference. Ask a mother, who just heard the good news: Her little boy is in stable condition. He’s going to make it. A Kiwanis-sponsored pediatric trauma program ensured doctors had the right equipment when they needed it.

One hour can make a difference. It certainly does to the lonely, elderly woman who looks forward to the weekly visits when a Kiwanian attentively listens to her stories about days gone by, laughs with her, and helps her remember she is significant; she is loved.

One day can make a difference. In just one day, a Kiwanis club can rally to repair—or even build—a playground, permanently altering the playtime possibilities for children; creating the opportunity to etch blissful memories into young minds.

One person can make a difference. Gentle guidance, invaluable patience, and an affirmative smile from a Kiwanis reading buddy can give a struggling child the encouragement she needs to turn the book’s next page—and turn on to a love of reading that will influence her lifetime.

One club can make a difference. A family, homeless and hungry, finds a hot meal at a soup kitchen staffed by Kiwanians. But they also find something else: hope, because this group of people cares.

One district can make a difference. Children in East Timor, drink nutritious milk because clubs in the Australia and New Zealand-South Pacific districts) fuse members’ time and talents, maximizing service to a common cause: a fully operational dairy farm distributing milk to more than 200 Timorese children daily.

One organization can make a difference. Tsunamis, mudslides, hurricanes, flooding, and earthquakes: When disasters destroy lives and lands, Kiwanians’ contributions amass, enabling the Kiwanis International Foundation to extend relief to rebuild shattered and shaken people.

One invitation can make a difference — as it could do for you, your club, and every life you touch after someone asks you to join Kiwanis.

If one can make such an indelible difference, imagine the impact of 1 million.

Can the actions of one person truly make a difference in the world? An overwhelming 86 percent of North Americans think so, according to a survey on voluntarism. Kiwanis International, a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one community and one child at a time, sponsored the survey in conjunction with the launch of its public service announcement (PSA) campaign entitled, “One Can Make a Difference.”

The survey results support Kiwanis International’s belief that in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world, the need for hands-on community service and volunteering is greater than ever before. In fact, 61 percent of respondents would prefer to give time through volunteer activities rather than just donate money to a cause. When asked what type of community service makes the biggest difference, more than two-thirds of those surveyed said hands-on activities such as donating supplies, volunteering with a local service club, or participating in local community events have a bigger influence than giving money. The survey also found that nearly 75 percent of respondents are motivated to volunteer time when they believe it will have a meaningful impact on their community. 

“We believe in the power of the individual to impact children’s lives and make a difference in the world,” says Steve Siemens, 2005-2006 president, Kiwanis International. “Getting involved in meaningful service projects makes the world a better place for children across the globe.”

Through guidance and example, Kiwanis works to develop future generations of leaders with its entire Kiwanis family and sponsored organizations including; Key Club, Circle K, Aktion Club, Builders Club, K-Kids, Key Leader and Kiwanis Junior.

More than 600,000 members of the Kiwanis family are united in their commitment and compassion for others as they serve children and communities worldwide in more than 90 countries and geographic areas. Each year, Kiwanis family members dedicate 19 million volunteer hours and invest over US$100 million to strengthen communities and make a better world for children.

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