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The Centre for Arts and Artists and the Newton Noon Kiwanis recently worked together to create two art projects for students that will be available free of

charge in a file outside the south door of the centre at 501 W. Third St. N.

CAA’s Karen King, Jeanine Luetters, Mary Ann Nevins, Margaret Caldwell and CAA Executive Director Linda Klepinger have been creating projects for distribution almost since the pandemic began to fill a void for visual arts instruction. Klepinger said the projects are designed to challenge and develop students’ art making skills as well as encourage creativity — and enjoyment. Klepinger also stated that a few of the “Folding an Origami Cup” project skits are still available.

The two projects assembled by Kiwanians will be available soon (and will also be announced on Facebook): “Creating a Book from a Single Sheet of Paper” requires very careful folding and can be done by middle school through high school students or by precocious elementary students or those with adult assistance. Once the book is folded and cut, the creativity can begin. The second project is for pre-Kindergarten through high school and is “Making a Paper Puppet on a Stick.” It challenges students to draw/create a puppet character and then create a skit or play for them to act out.

Newton Noon Kiwanians assembled the project kits at their last meeting with the aim of benefitting the young people of Jasper County. Kiwanian Bob Lane arranged for the project and encourages students to pick one up and sharpen your art skills in September.

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