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Hill County Park Board will meet Monday at 5:30 p.m. Please note that due to social distancing concerns, the meeting will be held at the Beaver Lodge at Camp Kiwanis. The

dodge is located 20 miles south of Havre on Beaver Creek Highway — Montana Secondary Highway 234 — and is the big log structure on the top of the hill. If anyone needs directions they can call the office at 395-4565.

The meeting agenda is:

1) Approval of minutes

2) Approval of agenda

3) Guests and public comments on agenda items only; agenda requests for next meeting

4) Cabin business

5) Old Business

Monitoring progress

Cabin outhouse inspections

Folf course

Park website

South crossfence

6) New business

Discussion on 14-day rule

Cabin inspections

Campfire status

7) Committee Reports

Rules and Regulation Committee

Finance and Planning Committee

Grazing Committee:

8) Group reports

Cabin owner’s report

Friends of Beaver Creek Park

Havre Trails

9) Superintendent report

10) Claims

11) Public Comment on anything pertaining to Hill County Parks

Next Park Board Meeting is Monday, Sept. 14.

Location to be determined

Deadline for Agenda Items: noon of Sept. 4.

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