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The Fiddlers Picnic is an outdoor event, free to the public, held in a spacious, nine acre park, in which the audience members generally occupy a respective individual spot for the duration of their stay.  The annual fair is a musical campout, celebrating American bluegrass, folk, and acoustic roots music. It features regional and local bands and solo artist, as well as local artisans, art/crafts vendors, and food trucks from the Finger Lakes and beyond!

Mindful of the COVID- 19 restrictions the planners have made many safety adjustments this year.

People are not milling about visiting various centers of attraction. Audience attention is focused upon one performance at a time, taking place on a single stage. With conscientious management and astute audience awareness of social distancing rules, we believe the audience will be able to safely enjoy the event. Fiddlers Picnic funding has been derived from the New York State Council on the Arts decentralization program, administered by the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts. This year’s award is $2400 of a $4400 overhead budget encompassing costs relating to performer fees, publicity, sound system, attendants and supplies.

Limiting audience attendance to a small number would result in a high cost per attendee – far more expensive than both the state and other supporters probably have in mind. We are confident that the Fiddlers Picnic can serve as an example that this specific type of large-but-not-too-large gathering might take place in the context of the Phase IV restrictions and allowances.

This year’s event has been scheduled to take place Saturday, August 1, at the town’s Long Point Park on Conesus Lake. Multiple performing groups appear on stage under the park pavilion. The event is free to the public. Attendants direct parking. The audience seats itself at picnic tables under a pavilion and in chairs in the large lawn areas south and east of the pavilion. The Geneseo Kiwanis Club sells barbecue chicken dinners which are prepared in a sheltered cooking pit west of the pavilion. Sales are made to drive-through customers who do not leave their vehicles, as well as to the Fiddlers Picnic audience. Fiddlers Picnic barbecue customers seat themselves under a tent which is pitched west of the pavilion, or return to their seating spots on the lawns.

Arrival and parking
All audience arrives by way of a principal entry drive off West Lake Road and opposite Long Point Road. An attendant is at the entrance to direct vehicles to parking places in orderly fashion. Traditionally, after being seated, audience members receive a free program describing the day’s schedule of events. When audience groups enter the seating area, another (gloved) attendant hands out the free Fiddlers Picnic program. One full side of the fold-out program will be a description and explanation of the social distancing procedures we are asking all audience members to abide by and respect. It will include a map of the grounds indicating the location of hand sanitizing stations and the restrooms. A second attendant is employed to direct vehicles to their specific parking spots on the park grounds. This year she will initially be leaving alternate spots empty, blocked by highway cones, so that individuals who are exiting their vehicles can maintain six foot of separation from the people in the vehicles arriving just before and just after they are. The empty spot will later be filled in a second round of parking, thereby preserving efficient use of the parking areas. The proposal, as it stands, is not requiring that audience members wear masks when they are watching the show, distanced at 15 feet from other groups. We emphasize that there will be minimal 15 foot distancing between audience member groups. If or when the park reaches audience capacity, the gates will be closed. (Non-audience persons coming only to purchase the barbecue and not exiting their vehicles will be directed down a separate road to the drive-through component of the barbecue sale.) After the gates close, an attendant will remain on duty to let out exiting vehicles — and to allow entry for an equivalent number of late comers, not to exceed seating area capacity at 15 foot distancing.

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