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There is a growing prevalence of type one diabetes and severe allergies among children in the Colorado front range area. The

Foothills Kiwanis Club of Boulder Valley, (a child-oriented service club) has a major project which provides alert service dogs to needy families at no cost. These dogs alert the child, or parent, when they sense abnormal blood sugar concentrations or if the child is in the presence of dangerous allergens. Since project inception, we have placed over 20 dogs with front range families. Unfortunately, the need is much greater than we can currently supply.

We wish to expand this project to be more responsive to these needs. This means that we need a fund-raising activity to support the cost of this growth (about $2,000 for each dog) and to keep our other youth-oriented projects properly funded.

To meet this need, The Foothills Kiwanis Club of Boulder Valley are launching an effort which should appeal to the many dog lovers in our area. It is a contest to name the "Coolest Dog on the Front Range". Dog owners can enter their dog for a cost of $10. Then, for a period of 6 weeks, owners, friends, relatives, co-workers, sponsors, etc. can purchase votes for their favorite at $1.00 per vote. The winning dog will have its picture on cans of beer produced by the Up Slope Brewing Company.

How does it work?  Enter your dog for $10 in the contest. Then, encourage everyone you know to VOTE for you dog ($1.00/vote) to be the coolest!  The top 7 dogs will be featured on the can of a special craft brew created by Upslope Brewing Company and the top dog gets to pick the beer.

Alert Service Dogs for Kids has provided dogs for over 20 families, but the need is much greater.  It cost about $2,000 for each dog they place with families, so this contest will help fund and grow the project to serve even more families in need.


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