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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) First responders don't always receive the credit they deserve, but the Roanoke Kiwanis Club has tried to change that.

Wednesday, members of the group

recognized three public servants with the club's quarterly public safety awards.

Roanoke City Dispatcher Michelle Tringali helped religious organizations develop emergency plans.

Roanoke County Police Officer Daniel Lovelace conducted a traffic stop that led to the arrest of a burglary suspect.

And Roanoke City Police Officer David Gardner helped save the life of a man who had suffered a severe knife wound.

"It's amazing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Fire, EMS and Police officers that are here to service the city," Tringali told WDBJ7.

"It's truly an honor to receive this award today, "Gardner said, "and I'm truly thankful for the team that I get to work with every day."

"It is a good feeling," Lovelace added. "It does warm the heart. It does make you feel some recognition for the hard work that we do."

All three were recognized Wednesday afternoon during the group's weekly meeting at Charter Hall in the Roanoke City Market Building.

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