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Omaha Westside Kiwanis ZOOM Meeting December 9, 2020

Treasurer Vernon Waldren again set up the zoom meeting. Thank you!

Others in attendance were President Frank Frerich, David Huelsmann, Barbara St.John, Linda...

and Rod Jones, John Seigel and speaker Amy Mather. Jack Jackson and Glen Fineman joined a bit later for a total of 9 members.

Board meeting: The meeting has been postponed until January.

Key Club Virtual Leadership Conference: Frank reported that JoAnn Feller was still working on getting at least 3 Benson High students signed up for the January event. JoAnn was quoted “the counselor at Benson High sounded very stressed”. (Not a surprise with all the teaching challenges).

Salvation Army Bell Ringing: Participating members reported that there appeared to be fewer guests and donations at Wheatfields.

Salvation Army Night Watch Food Program: JoAnn Feller and Jerry Katskee have signed up for the food distribution.

Today’s Speaker: Frank introduced Amy Mather, Adult Services Manager of the Omaha Public Library. Amy shared about the many changes bringing the library from primarily printed materials to offering most items electronically. This helped, among other things, to keep the presence of readers down during the current occupation limits. These are long time changes for libraries everywhere. Computer time use is also limited to shorter times. As one of the examples of electronic offering she stated that The New York Times newspaper is available at the library online. Frank already forwarded links to that and many other publications to the members. She showed a long list of publications, including the Omaha World-Herald and Times Magazine (which I am reading regularly, the first online and the second in print). You can also read entire books online. Certainly something to investigate. Amy can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 402-444-3399. You can sign up for a library card or confirm whether your card is still active.

Next zoom meeting Wednesday December 23 at noon.

Submitted by John Seigel

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