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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News February 6, 2019

Olive Garden Restaurant, 75th and Dodge, Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

President Valerie Stoj lead the meeting, the Pledge and “God Bless...

America”, Frank Frerich gave the invocation.

Guest: We welcomed Steven Brunken, Director of Forest Lawn Funeral Home, Memorial Park and Crematory, who has been a long-time member with perfect attendance with the Lincoln, NE Kiwanis Club, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Steve commutes to his job from Lincoln and is looking for a Kiwanis Club in Omaha to attend during the day.

Midyear Conference at Double Tree Hotel Omaha February 23. Valerie, Bruce, Dennis and Frank are planning to attend.

Board meeting: February 18 at Vern Waldren’s Office. Main subject: Membership.

Division 20 meeting: Glen, Rod and Bruce attended the 7 am meeting and reported that a Trustee from our division will be selected shortly.

Golf Outing: Teri Layton reported that the date is set for Friday, May 31 at Trigeron Golf Course in Bellevue beginning at noon. (it is anticipated that it will be warmer that day than today). This is one of our two best fundraisers.

Flag Fund Raising: Dennis Cronin reported that “billing” to the 115 participating households in the Loveland Area will go out shortly. The placement of flags happens on 6 National Holidays for a cost of $30 for all six events, also being one of our two best fundraisers.

Scholarships: Jack H. Jackson reported that invitations to apply for one of three $1,000 scholarships have been sent to area high schools. Bob, Bruce and Dennis will review applications and students will receive the scholarships on April 10.

Tax Auction Fund Raiser: Vern Waldren reported that members again will assist an investor in obtaining tax certificates in Sarpy County on Monday, March 4th from about 7:30 am to noon. Each participant will earn $100, which will be given to the club’s welfare fund.

Night Watch: Barbara St.John and Frank Frerick assisted with the distribution of food with the Salvation Army on the south route. More participation is scheduled throughout February.

Drawing: Bruce Moulton removed the 5 of Clubs from the deck, leaving the winnings for a future participant.

Happy Bucks: Sheriff Ralph Peppard collected many of those, including several welcoming our guest, Steve Brunken.

Upcoming speakers: If you have scheduled a speaker for February 13, please let the members know. Bruce Moulton will have students honored for sports on February 20 and 27. John Seigel will have March, including on March 20 his daughter Katja Starkey about orphanages her non-profit supports in Africa, and on March 27 Rachidi Adededokoun, an immigrant from the West African Country of Benin, who operates DDCN, Developmental Disability Center of Nebraska, serving disabled members of our society in individual homes or apartments instead of group homes.

Today’s Speaker: Member Ralph Peppard, an attorney who volunteers in assisting older persons in making wise decisions, shared some of the ways older persons can prepare for retirement, health care and investments, including wills, powers of attorney and trusts.

Submitted by john Seigel


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