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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News April 4, 2018

Olive Garden Restaurant, 75th and Dodge, Wednesday,, April 4, 2018

President Cindy Cone presided and lead the Pledge of Allegiance, Valerie...

Stoj started “God bless America” and Glen Fineman gave the invocation.

Division 20 meeting this morning: Glen Fineman gave a summery including reminders of the International Convention in Las Vegas in July and the August 10-11 District Convention in Des Moines.

Board Meeting: Tuesday, April 10 at 6:15 at the OWH Distribution Center, 118th and Stonegate Drive. On the agenda: Officers and Directors to be elected in June.

Camp OK: Rod Jones is working with counselors at Westside Elementary Schools to choose two students to be sponsored by our club.

Last Interclub: To be schedule shortly with the Bellevue AM Club, meeting at 7 am at the Bellevue Fire Station near Mission Street.

Scholarships: Jack Jackson reported that Bob Lodes, Bruce Moulton, Dennis Cronin and Jack reviewed the applications, always having a challenge to pick between the # 3 and # 4 applicants, as we only offer 3 scholarships. The students will receive their scholarships on April 18.

Next Week’s Program: Council Women Amie Melton about City of Omaha issues. Please attend and bring a friend to fill the room.

Drawing: Dave Huelsmann drew the 4 of Spades, leaving more money in the pot.

Happy Bucks: Sheriff Ralph Peppard made his rounds with a new black children’s boot.

Today’s Program: Author Jeff Barnes of the book 150 @ 150 presented slides of some of the selected buildings in the new book, which was then offered for purchase. A very interesting and well presented offering of Nebraska buildings of importance.

Submitted by John Seigel


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