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Kiwanis Club of West Omaha Meeting June 23, 2022

June 23, 2022

Kiwanis Club of West Omaha Meeting


50/50 Split     No winner again this week.

Ronald McDonald House:     A big Thank You to Rod Muench, Steve Bunting, Dana Haynes, Teri Layton and Dave Huelsmann for preparing the meal at Ronald McDonald House on Saturday, June 18th.  The residents loved having food cooked on the grill.  
I received this email from Emily Swett, Event & Volunteer Coordinaton 

"Hello Barbara,

Thank your club so much for providing dinner for our families over the weekend. They loved having a cookout, they are always requesting dinner on the grill! Please let your Kiwanis Club know we are very appreciative of their generosity!

Emily "

Flags:    Frank Frerichs is busy collecting for the yearly flag fee's.  His recent collections are $495.00

             Flag Day is Monday, July 4th.  Volunteers are needed to place at pick up flags.  That would be at 6 am and 6 pm. Contact Dennis                    Cronin if you can volunteer.

Joann Feller has received an email from the American Council of the Blind. They  still need help for the convention.  Ralph sent an email  with the information for signing up. Please sign up soon if you plan to volunteer. 

Big Red Friday : This is a fun project. You stand in front of the McDonalds that you sign up for and sell flags for $5.00 a piece. The proceeds go to RM House. People often drive up just to buy a flag. 

 The following is from Emily Mozer from Ronald McDonald House. 

We are so excited to be planning Big Red Friday for Friday, August 26th! Some of you have volunteered with us in the past, and we’d love to have you at a McDonald’s once again this year! The sign-up sheet is live here – just enter your name and email address. Invite your friends, family, and co-workers to join you from 6 am – 9 am! This year McDonald’s managers are offering free breakfast* for volunteers!  

(*details may vary by location)

 We have not revealed the 2022 flag design (watch our Facebook page on August 10th for the reveal!), but I can tell you that it is unlike any previous year! Get ready!

Adopt A Highway:    Renewal is due in July. Deb Rost would like input from members if they think this project should be continued or discontinued. It was difficult to get volunteers this year.  She asked for it to be on the Board Meeting agenda for the July 14th meeting.

Volunteer Hours:    Glen Fineman will be emailing a request for June volunteer hours. This is a good system to let him know how many hours you volunteered each month.

Website:    Dave Huelsmann is working on the group mailing.  

In the meantime you can use Copy All from this email to send an email to the group. I added some names that were not on Ralph's email's.  I also removed Jack Pagel's name per his request. He has transferred to Golden K.

Steve Bunting introduced our speaker Brad Von Gillern  who is running for District 4 in the Nebraska Legislature.

Board Meeting is Thursday, July 14th after our regular Kiwanis Meeting at Legends.

Our speaker for June 30th is Wayne Beal, Supervisor of Under The Sink, the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility in Omaha.

Next Meeting is Thursday, June 30th at noon at Legends.

Submitted by: Barb St John

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