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Kiwanis Club Of West Omaha Meeting February 24, 2022

February24, 2022

Kiwanis Club of West Omaha Meeting

Attending: 22       Great attendance for such a cold day.

$17.00 collected for 50/50 Drawing.  The total to split is $101.00  No winner this week.

Joanne Feller was our speaker.

Ralph thanked John Seigel for creating a roster on Word with member information. It can be printed from the email John sent to everyone. He will maintain any changes to it. 

Dave Huelsmann mentioned all of this information and more is located on the Kiwanis Club of West Omaha Website.

Linda Jones has contacted the Principal for the 6th graders in District 66 regarding the speech contest for this year. This is a project where several 6th Graders are selected because of the quality of the speech they have written and performed.  We invite them and their parents to lunch on us. They  present the speeches and we present them with a medallion. The Principal has not responded yet. Linda will try to reach him again next week.

Glen Fineman will contact Olive Garden to see if there is a possibility of us meeting there again.

Ralph Peppard sent out an email regarding a fund raiser. for property tax auction. They will pay $100.00 a person to our Kiwanis club for members and spouses that volunteer to do this. I believe sign up was to be Friday.  Check your email from Ralph to be sure.

Ralph Peppard  sent out an email regarding Lutheran Family Services looking for items for Afghan Refuges. A list of items needed are attached. We can discuss if we'd like to be involved at our next meeting.

There are 3 people signed up to read to children at Sacred Heart School on Wednesday at 1:00. 1 more person is needed.
You have to have Catholic Child Protective Training in order to do this.

Joann Feller left information about Camp OK with the Principal at Sacred Heart School.

Deb Rost has the sign up sheet for the speakers for the year. March only has 1 week signed up . September is still open.  See Deb if you would like to sign up.

John Seigel suggested members give 3 to 4 minutes to talk about themselves at one of these open weeks.

Joann Feller gave a great program on The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO. She presented 3 very interesting video's.

Next Meeting is Thursday, March 3rd at noon at Legends
Submitted by: Barb St John
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