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Omaha Westside Kiwanis Club Meeting July 28, 2021

Westside Kiwanis Club Meeting
Legends Restaurant
Attending:  Frank Frerich, Bruce Moulton, Jack Jackson, Dave Hueslmann, Barb St John, Valerie Stoj, Ralph Peppard, Glen Fineman, Joann Feller, Rod Jones and Linda Jones
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We had a little confusion on the meeting room.  A few of us missed the beginning of the meeting, because we were in a different room.  Luckily we all finished our meeting and lunch together.
Thanks to Joann Feller,  Rod and Linda Jones for the snacks for Dave and Barb to take to Fisher House at the VA.  They will appreciate having the snacks to give to the family members of patient's that are in the VA Hospital.  Donations of individually wrapped snacks can be brought to any of our meetings Barb and Dave go to the VA quite often and will be happy to drop them off.
We had a good Interclub on Tuesday at DJ's Dugout with the Southwest Kiwanis Club. John Seigel, Bruce Melton, Linda Jones, Rod Jones, Frank Frerich, Joann Feller, Barb St John and Dave Huelsmann attended it.  The speaker was fantastic. 
Frank is meeting with a representative of the Southwest Kiwanis Club on Friday to determine if they are considering joining our club.
Latest report on Vern is that he is having less pain. He hopes to be at one of our meeting in late August or September if he continues to improve.
Frank will order a 60th Anniversary cake to bring to Legends on August 18th for us to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of our club.
Installation Dinner is September 21st at Champions Golf Course.   The estimated cost  is $25.00 per person. We'll have more information as it gets closer.
Glen will bring a deck of cards next week so we can start our 50/50 game again.
Ralph collected Happy Bucks.
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Barb St John
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