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Omaha Westside Kiwanis Meeting July 14, 2021

Attending:  Frank Frerich,  Bruce Moulton, John Seigel, Jack Jackson, Linda and Rod Jones, Dave Huelsmann, Barb St John, Joann Feller, Dennis Cronin, Bob Lodes and Glen Fineman
This was our first in-person meeting since the pandemic began in March, 2019.
Frank led the Pledge of Allegiance, God Bless America and said a prayer.
There will be a Celebration of Life for Bill Morrison on Saturday, July 17th at Countryside Community Church on 132nd and Pacific.  Bill held several offices in Kiwanis.
There will be a Leadership Zoom Class on the following dates.
Monday,  August 23rd 7-9 pm
Wednesday, September 8th 7-9 pm
Glen has some Leadership Guides to distribute if you are interested in attending.
Frank will send out the information to access the Zoom classes.
It will be difficult for Vern to attend the meetings. Barb will be collecting the money for the Happy Bucks and the 50/50 card raffle. She has also received a check from Vern to pay for guests and speakers.
Dennis will look into the cost of storage units to store the flags. This will help determine if they should be stored somewhere other than his garage.  
Switching from November 11th to 9-11 for putting out flags does make it so it will be necessary to put flags out Labor Day on 9-6  and again on 9-11. This only be 5 day's a part. Could be hard getting enough help for both day's.
Dennis also suggested notifying the home owners of the change. Frank will notify the Loveland Neighborhood Association and Next Door Neighbor.
Good News:
Josef Schmidtke might be coming back to our club.
Frank was collecting for flags from 15 to 20 people that have not paid. During this time he was talking to them about Kiwanis. He has a couple of people interested in joining.  He will send them a follow up letter.
One is Brad Ashford. It was suggested to ask him to be a speaker for one of our meeting.
Joann has a Special Invitation for the 29th Annual Kiwanis Cup Golf Outing, Monday, August 16th. The Field Club. Cost is $150 per player. It is being presented by Kiwanis Club Of Omaha. Register by contacting Joyce Finnell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Board met on Zoom last night.
They voted to donate $40 of Nebraska Products for a basket for the NI District Convention on August 6th - 7th.
It will be auctioned off on one of those date. The proceeds will go to NI District Foundation. Frank will purchase the products and get them to the District Council meeting on August 4th.
Joann will send out a notification she received regarding Werner Park Baseball.
The 60th Anniversary for Westside Kiwanis will be August 16th. We will celebrate with a cake at our meeting on August 18th if Legends will allow us to bring one in. Frank will check with Legends and also pick up the cake. Dave will put a banner on our Website.
Ralph collected Happy Bucks today for today and for during the pandemic.
We will start having the 50/50 split next week. Glen will bring the deck of cards.
Joann reported the Key Club does not have any members. She will try to get a teacher liaison and will work with the liaison to gt some members.
Meeting was adjourned by Ralph.
Next Meeting is July 21st at Legends.
Submitted By:
Barb St John
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