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Omaha Westside Kiwanis ZOOM Meeting November 25, 2020

I hope all members enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving, whether visiting family members socially distanced in their front yards (as we did), by Zoom, Facetime or...

in person over a family meal.

Treasurer Vernon Waldren again set up the bi-monthly Zoom meeting. Other members attending were: President Frank Frerich, Ralph Peppard, David Huelsmann, Barbara St.John, Valerie Stoj, JoAnn Feller, Bob Lodes, Rod Jones, Linda Jones, Jack Jackson and John Seigel, for a total of 12 members. It was Bob Lodes’ first participation and Valerie Stoj returned after many weeks of strenuous work at the Douglas County Election Office, which showed her in the Omaha World-Herald working with voters who had been delayed by a squirrel causing an electrical outage. Welcome to both.

Bell Ringing Saturday, December 5 at Wheatfields: Frank Frerich remarked that more members had shown an interest in participating, which possibly could reduce the time for each to one hour instead of 90 minutes. Frank will rework the schedule. Please respond to Frank by email if you still wish to participate, even if you had done so before. Frank can also be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Frank promised temperatures in the mid 40s (by-mid afternoon, that is).

December Board Meeting: Frank will coordinate a date with board member Dennis Cronin and will then schedule a zoom meeting.

Gift Cards to needy children: Barbara St.John reported that she delivered 12 gift cards of $100 each from our welfare budget to a counselor of the Westside School District, who will give them to the parents of 12 very needy children in schools. This is in place of shopping for clothes with such families.

Benson High Key Club: JoAnn Feller shared about her efforts to communicate with the remaining student members during the pandemic. Joann also shared that she will distribute Thanksgiving meals to families with a different organization.

Next Zoom meetings on Wednesdays, December 9 and 23 at noon.

Submitted by John Seigel

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