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Omaha Westside Kiwanis ZOOM Meeting November 11, 2020

Treasurer Vernon Waldren set up the zoom meeting for noon today, Veterans Day. Additional members logging in (with number of happy bucks in (...

) were: President Frank Frerich (6) Barbara St.John (2), David Huelsmann (2), Tom Zuk (1)  (very good to see you!), JoAnn Feller (1), Rod and Linda Jones, Jessica,  Ralph Peppard (1),Glen Fineman (1) Jack Jackson and John Seigel (2). It is suggested members keep approximate track of their happy bucks and pay when we meet again or send a check to Treasure Waldren sometime.

Division 20 Meeting: Frank reported that he may have been left off the list of presidents of District 20, as he is serving a second year. He will contact the Lt. Governor to get added to the zoom meetings, so he attend next month.

Members shared about some of their health issues. Best wishes to all for a full recovery.

Flag Placement: Frank reported that he, Dennis and Laurie with help from Jessica and Frank’s son placed the flags in the Loveland area this cold this morning. In addition Ralph and JoAnn will assist with pickup at 5pm today. THANK YOU TO DENNIS AND LAURIE for your continued commitment.  

Gift certificates to needy families: Barbara reported that she had heard from Paddock Elementary School and hopes to yet hear from two other schools in the Westside District, which children school be selected. Vernon will mail her a check for $1,200, as budgeted, to get 12 gift certificates of $100 to Target or WalMart to be given to the parents of selected children.

Key Leader Conference January 23: JoAnn has one potential participant from Benson High School and is working on getting two more to attend this zoom conference on a Saturday.

Today’s Speaker: Frank had arranged for Audra Moore, weather reporter of Channel 3, KMTV. She presented a power point about how they work, the schedule of a typical day, preparation of the reporting and a guestimated forecast on how much snow and in which month we may get this winter. They appear to also look at the Farmers’ Almanac. We need to remember that weather forecasting is not a precise science and that accurate forecasting is challenging to do.

Next zoom meeting Wednesday November 25 at noon.

Submitted by John Seigel

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