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Omaha Westside Kiwanis ZOOM Meeting August 25, 2020

Treasurer Vern Waldren again set up the Zoom Meeting. President Frank Frerich presided over the meeting. Members present were (number of Happy Bucks): Vern...

Waldren (3), Frank Frerich (1), Ralph Peppard, now with a picture and sound!, Barbara St.John (1), Dave Huelsmann, Linda Jones, Rod Jones, Jack Jackson (3), Valerie Stoj (at work, without picture) and John Seigel (4), for a total of 10 members, which constituted a quorum.

Frank Frerich reported that there have not been any Division meetings and no zoom meetings planned, to his knowledge.

Treasurer Vern Waldren presented the treasurer’s reports, which he had emailed to all members before for their review. The General Account showed an income since October 1, 2019 of $2,864, mostly from member dues, and expenses of $2,196 mostly transfers to Kiwanis International and the NE/IA district. With no in-person meetings since March, budgeted items like member expansion, speaker lunches etc. did not materialize. The account balance is $6,020.07. The Welfare Account shows income of $8,265.16, including mainly $3,930 from the flag project (Thank you, Dennis) and $3,050 from the non-occurring golf tournament, from club member donations, sponsorships and extra donations from flag project participants (Thank you, Terri), $400 from member donations in lieu of pancake day and $240.16 from Wish and Spin.. Expenses totaled $8,418.11. Major expenditures were $3,000 for scholarships, $600 for the Benson High School Key Club, $939.75 for Clothes for Kids, our budgeted contributions of $300 each to 8 recipient organizations plus $600 extra for the Food Bank. The account balance is $9,757.24. It was moved, seconded and carried to accept both treasurer’s reports.

Vern Waldren will send out annual dues statements to members. Members may want to include their accumulated Happy Bucks with their dues payments to help the sheriff with his budget.

Since the current officers and directors will serve another full year and because of social distancing, there will not be an installation dinner in September, usually a highlight of the club’s year.

Barbara St.John and Linda Jones brought up ideas on how to best reach out to children in need, as club members could probably not go shopping for clothes with children in November while distancing ourselves socially. It was moved, seconded and carried that the club will offer 15 gift certificates of $100 each to either local grocery stores or clothing stores for children in need. Barbara St.John will communicate with Westside School Counselors to select 15 children, possibly more than one child from a family, to receive the gift certificates in November.

Flag Project: member volunteers are anticipating a request from Dennis Cronin for assistance in placing and removing flags in Loveland on Labor Day, September 7.

The next Zoom meeting will be on Wednesday, September 9 at noon. Vern Waldren MAY have a speaker.

Submitted by John Seigel

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