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Omaha Westside Kiwanis ZOOM Meeting July 22, 2020

Thank you to Treasurer Vern Waldron, who again set up the meeting. Vern was only able to attend briefly, as he was also attending...

a funeral at the same time. In attendance were 9 members, President Frank Frerich, Jack Jackson, David Huelsmann , Barbara StJohn, Joan Feller and John Seigel with pictures and sound, Valerie Stoj with sound and Ralph Peppard, who could hear other members’ remarks with no picture. Glen Fineman was out of town.

Treasurer’ Report: Vern had emailed the report. Members voted unanimously to accept it.

Officers and directors virtual training: Frank and Glen Fineman will participate remotely.

Benson Key Club: Joann Feller reported that they do have a President, VP and Secretary moving up, as seniors graduated, and hope to continue meeting with additional participants after school starts, depending on various guidelines.  

Next meeting, on August 5, will have a speaker: Frank Frerich will present Bill Morris. I did not catch the subject.

Golf income: $2,575 had been received and additional funds are coming in. Teri Layton’s efforts are appreciated.

Clothes for Kids (November): Barbara StJohn recommended to consider giving gift cards, as social distancing may not be easy if members are helping families select clothes.

Voting by mail: Our resident expert Valerie Stoj shared that the Douglas County Election Office will send cards to all registered voters to allow them to request “vote by mail” ballots for the November election. She shared that 85% of this year’s primary voters in Douglas County voted by mail and that it worked well, while making much work for all staff..

Happy Bucks: The numbers behind each name are the numbers of happy bucks promised by those who expressed some happiness. Ralph may want to collect them at a later time.

Frank (6), Joann (2), Dave (1), Barb (1),Valerie (1), John (4), Jack (2).

Jack’s experience with virus at funeral home:  (I hope I am getting this right) Jack and family members attended a funeral in a different city with no face masks being worn and with some “social distancing”. Later 17 of the participants tested positive, possibly being infected by an employee of the funeral home who may have been infected during a previous funeral. Jack and Janice, luckily, tested negative.

(Folks, this thing is not over yet. Please be careful, as many of us could be close to being considered “elderly”). 😊

Next zoom meeting Wednesday, August 5, at noon.

Submitted by John Seigel

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