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Omaha Westside Kiwanis ZOOM meeting July 8, 2020

Participants: President Frank Frerich, Treasurer (and zoom master) Vern Waldren, Joann Feller, Rod and Linda Jones, David Huelsmann and Barbara StJohn, Jack Jackson,...

Ralph Peppard., John Seigel.

Flags: Frank reported that $4,500 in payments from participants has been received and deposited and he has a few more checks to forward to the treasurer. He also shared that when he visited a participant to collect payment, he was introduced to three more neighbors, who all signed up. While a couple participants did not renew, there was a net gain of 6 this year.

Fundraising “instead of golf”:  Vern reported that he already received $1,400, some from members, some from others, including on the flag list

Leadership Training: Glen reminded members, especially officers and directors, of the link we all should have received in order to sign up for the Monday, July 27 virtual training.

Benson Key Club: Joann asked about the best way to meet the Benson High graduating Seniors of the Key Club one more time to wish them farewell and to give them a token gift. After some discussion, members decided it would be best not to have an in-person contact at a restaurant or public place for liability reasons regarding the virus without written parental approval, which unfortunately nixed the idea.  

Future zoom meetings: Vern Waldren will set up zoom meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at noon until we can meet again in person. Next meeting is on July 22.

If you have not joined so far, please consider participating. (Six weeks ago I had neither a camera nor speakers and I could not have participated with my PC. This virus can move us forward technologically). Participation also works with a mobile phone, as Frank does it.

Submitted by John Seigel, picture by Vern Waldren.

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