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Omaha Westside Kiwanis ZOOM meeting June 24, 2020

Zoom Meeting Wednesday, June 24, 2020, noon.

The meeting was arranged by treasurer Vern Waldren. The following members joined Vern: Teri Layton, Dave...

Huelsmann, Barbara St.John, Joann Feller, Jack Jackson, Valerie Stoj, Glen Fineman, Frank Frerich and John Seigel.

Frank Frerich shared that Ida Jean had fallen and broken 4 ribs and has air outside of her lungs. Members wished her a full recovery.

Teri Layton presented a draft letter to be mailed to club members for distribution, to former participants of the golf outing and the recipients of flags in the Loveland neighborhood, soliciting donations for the three $1,000 scholarships to be given out in 2021. After some discussion and minor changes to the letter Jack Jackson volunteered his office staff to assist with the mailing to go out by about July 8.

It was reported that Dennis Cronin gave Frank Frerich a list of flag recipients who had not yet paid. Dennis is still looking for 3 additional members to assist with the July 4 flag placement.

Glen Fineman reported that he will send the proposed list for 2020/2021 club officers and directors to Kiwanis International, which is a one-year extension of the 2019/2020 members plus Joann Feller as Vice President. Glen also reported on a zoom “training of club officers” he participated in.

The next zoom meeting will be set up for Wednesday, July 8 at noon. Thank you, Vern.

Submitted by John Seigel


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