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Omaha Westside Kiwanis ZOOM meeting June 10, 2020

Virtual Meeting Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at noon.

A big THANK YOU goes to one of our IT gurus, Westside Kiwanis Club’s...

treasurer Vern Waldren, who set up our first virtual meeting. It was so good to see several of the faces and hear their voices plus the voices of a couple of members without a camera or laptop, after more than two months of not meeting.

This was only my second ZOOM meeting besides practicing the system with my wife a couple of times. I remember when having a pager, telling you to call back one of two numbers, depending how it vibrated, was the most futuristic devise. And customers at the lumber yard doubted in 1972 that my little pocket calculator could correctly multiply the price of an item by the number they bought and figure the sales tax. What will the future bring next?!

After Vern welcomed the following members one by one, president Frank Frerich lead the meeting. In attendance with pictures and sound were Teri Layton, David Huelsmann, Linda Jones, Joan Feller, Jack Jackson, Glen Fineman and John Seigel. Attending without picture were Frank Frerich and Valerie Stoj. Ralph Peppard reported later that he could see us on his desk top monitor, but did not have his laptop, so he could not hear the conversation.

Golf Outing: (I hope  I am getting all this right) Chair person Teri Layton reported that she has made tentative reservations at Tregeron for Friday, September 11, 2020 as a replacement for the original May date. After much discussion, consensus was that it may not be feasible to have the outing and personal contacts to potential sponsors this soon, not yet knowing the developments with the virus after the stay at home requirements are slowly eased. Since the golf outing is one of our two largest fundraisers, bringing in about $4,000 for scholarships and other donations, Teri offered to send letters to individuals and organizations who have previously donated, asking for their support. It was also suggested to send similar letters to the homeowners in the Loveland area, who are participating in the flag placement, to which Teri agreed. Teri deserves a lot of praise for her diligence and strong effort with this.

Flag Placement: Members were reminded that flags will again be placed – and picked up - this Sunday, June 14, Flag Day, and Independence Day, Saturday, July 4. The strong effort by Dennis Cronin and other volunteers is also much appreciated.

Division 20 Meeting: Frank Frerich reported that he received an invitation to attend a 7 am meeting on June 3. Neither he nor Glen Fineman attended, because of health concerns.

Confirmation of officers and board members: The board had previously voted remotely to extend all positions held in the current year for another year, as the future was not yet very clear and many activities did not happen this business year, ending September 30. Joan Feller was added as Vice President, which leads to President Elect and President in the following 2 years. Frank Frerich put this out for a vote of the members in attendance, which passed unanimously.

Key Club: Joann Feller reported on her contacts with some of the Benson High School Key Club members, some of whom are moving on to college.

Olive Garden Restaurant: It was reported that while our meeting restaurant now offers inside service with restrictions, they are not yet accepting groups like ours.

Future ZOOM meetings: Members decided to have similar virtual meetings every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of a month until we can meet in person again. Next meeting will be Wednesday, June 24, at noon. Just follow Vern Waldren’s invitation. While we had a very good attendance for the first meeting, we hope to have more members participate next time. After all, two weeks ago I did not have speakers nor a camera on my desk top computer – and thanks to my son-in-law I am now able to ZOOM!

Submitted by John Seigel


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