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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News Board Meeting May 29, 2020

Club officers and Board of Directors held a zoom board meeting Friday May 29th and all members were present except for Dennis Cronin, and the following was discussed and acted on.

All board member agreed to continue to serve the 2020 - 2021 Kiwanis year as were elected for the 2019 -2020 Kiwanis year.

President  Frank Frerich

Pres Elect  Ralph Peppard

Vice Pres   Joann Feller  ( Joann was called and she accepted to join the board as VP for 2020 -2021.)

Secretary  Glen Fineman

Treasurer Vernon Waldren

Board of Directors are Linda Jones, Barbara St. John, Jack Jackson, Dennis Cronin  ( Dennis was called and agree to run)

We the board would like to hear from any members who would oppose this being done or who would like to run for an office or to nominate someone for a position by Tuesday evening 6 PM June 2nd.  If we do not have any member who would oppose, we will proceed as outline.

We discussed holding zoom meetings on Wednesday starting June 10th 12 noon as a way for members to continue to stay in touch.  It was not discussed that this would be weekly.

At this  time we do not know what the Olive Garden policy is on group meetings, but will be looked into by Vern.  We do not want to rush into something that we may regret later, as a number of us are in  an older group and we have to be concerned for our health.

Thank you for reading,

Frank Frerich, President 

Kiwanis Club of Omaha Westside

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