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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News April 2, 2020

Dear Members:

Yesterday noon I attempted to send out a greeting to all of you. It appears that it was not sent. So...

I will attempt another report:

This is the third Wednesday that we could not meet as Kiwanians. I miss seeing my friends and the programs. I hope everyone is safe at home, or working at your job or at home.

We have not been sharing “happy bucks" for three weeks now. May I suggest that we share with our friends what we are happy for by responding to this email. I have many things to be thankful for, but want to limit it to three today for the three weeks we missed:

  1. The internet and telephones working perfectly, while the lines are used much more with workers and students “working from home” and others playing video games online or streaming shows to keep distracted.  
  2. Able to stay at home and have enough food (and toilet paper), exercising (while the gym is closed) and starting yardwork, benefiting from the fresh air.
  3. All our children, their spouses and grandchildren old enough to work having jobs, several working from home.

I am looking forward to learn what YOU are happy for.

John Seigel

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