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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News March 4, 2020

Olive Garden Restaurant, 75th and Dodge, Wednesday, March 4, 2020.

President Frank Frerich lead the meeting and the Pledge of Allegiance,

Sarah Ross started “God bless America” and John Seigel gave the invocation.

The room was packed with students from four high schools to be honored for their accomplishments in Volley Ball, accompanied by their coaches, parents and guests. 9 members were present.

District 20 meeting: Frank Frerich reported that he, Rod Jones, Bruce Moulton and Glen Fineman attended the meeting this morning. Ideas for programs were exchanged and it is not too late to donate $500 to the NE/IA fund to be honored later.

Tax auction fund raiser: Treasurer Vern Waldren reported that 5 members and spouses donated their time Monday to assist an investor buy delinquent property tax certificates at the Sarpy County court house, each collecting $100 for our welfare fund.

Volley Ball Honorees: Bruce Moulton introduced the coaches from 4 area high schools, who presented their selected honorees, who then introduced their parents and then were grilled by Bruce about special games they remembered, favorite subject in school and plans for their future. The guests and honorees were:

School                       Honoree                    Coach                        Parents                                              Other Guests

Burke High                Alexys Goodwin       Randy Howard         Bryan and Tunese Goodwin            Michelle Stodgill, asst. dean

Westside High          Abby Hellman           Steve Clark               Jason and Courtney Hellman            Jamie Davis, asst. coach

Maria High                Parker Stafford         Peter Cunningham  Tare and Delanie Stafford 

Northwest High        Arlayanna Grant       Genese Hodges       D’juan and Elizabeth Johnson

It was impressive and encouraging to get to know these outstanding young ladies, who all had great goals for their future. I could not help but notice that all four had a complete pair of parents present, which shows how important positive support from two parents is.

I received timely information and ideas from LifeTime Fitness, my gym, about the new corona virus and will forward it to you members shortly.

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