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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News November 13, 2019

President Frank Frerich lead the meeting, the Pledge of Allegiance and “God bless America”, David Huelsmann gave the invocation. 11 members were present plus the volley ball honorees from 4 high schools.


Recovering members: Frank Frerich was back after a heart attack, several days in the hospital and a stent in an artery, recovering well. Ralph Peppard joined us again after two hospital stays for a serious infection and is still on the mend, receiving daily infusions at the doctor’s office. Members wish both of them well.

Flag Placement: The November 11, Veterans Day, placement of flags in the Loveland area did not take place, since snow had covered the marked support pipes and the wind and cold would have made it too hard for volunteers to place and pick up the flag. The willingness of members to volunteer under the leadership of Dennis Cronin was appreciated.

Clothes for Kids: Barbara St.John reminded members of the Wednesday, November 20, 7 pm, purchasing of clothes for selected Westside elementary students for $125 each at Walmart, 72nd Street.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing: Saturday, December 7: Volunteers signed up for this service at Wheatfields, 103rd and Pacific, starting at 7 am. There was still room for second volunteers to sign up for several time slots.

Husker Party at Teri Laytons, Saturday, November 16: Members will be celebrating a Cornhusker win at Teri’s house. Her hospitality is appreciated.

Upcoming Programs:

November 20: Bruce Moulton will present certificates of accomplishments to selected students of 4 area High Schools for their leadership in football.

November 27: Valerie Stoj is working on a program, Frank Frerich has a back-up speaker available.

December 4: Kay Weinstein of the Salvation Army.

December 11: Dr. Kashif Shaikh of Bergan Mercy Cardiology department (What Frank Frerich does not do to find a speaker!)

December 18: Program by Vernon Waldren.

December 25: no meeting.

January 1, 2010: No meeting.

Today’s program: Bruce Moulton presented certificates of accomplishment to students from 4 High Schools for their leadership in Volleyball after their coaches introduced the students. They were:

School                                               Honoree                                Coach                                 Family/Guest

Omaha Northwest                            Taniya Golden                      Shannon Walker                  Erin Golden, mother, Becky Golden, grandmother

Marian High                                      Katie Kilzer                          Assistant Coach ?                Pam Kilzer, mother and a grandmother

Westside                                          McKenna Nemecek             Krista Filipi                            Brian and Tiffany Nemecek, parents

Omaha, Burke                                  Amanda Wolf                      Assistant Coach ?                Michale Wolf, father


Submitted by John Seigel

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