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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News September 18, 2019

Olive Garden Restaurant, 75th and Dodge, Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

President Valerie Stoj lead the meeting, the Pledge and “God bless America”, Glen...

Fineman gave the invocation. 14 members were present.

Guest: A representative of Nebraska Methodist College attended as a result of the new member campaign. Nebraska Methodist College joined as a ”Corporate Member”.

New Member: Joann Feller officially joined our club, as the North Omaha Club is unfortunately closing for lack of members.

Drawing: Linda Jones removed the 8 of Clubs, making the deck ever lighter.

Happy Bucks: Sheriff Ralph Peppard made it fun, as usual, for members to share their happy events.

Upcoming Programs: Next week, September 25: Carrie Ketcham, Ronald McDonald House.

October Programs: None have been reported yet. Please let David Huelsmann and John Seigel know if you have one or more lined up. Thread: If we have no speaker I will again volunteer to give a scary book report.  If that will not encourage members to get speakers, what will?

Installation Dinner: Thursday, September 26, Social Time 6 pm, dinner 6:30. Preregister with dinner selection for $25 by September 20 and pay Vern Waldren in advance. Sarah Ross asked if someone can pick her up and take her back home near 90th and Crown Point, as her parents will be out of town.

Today’s Program: For the benefit of the visitor and as a refresher for the members, Valerie Stoj gave a detailed overview of Kiwanis, our local programs, outreaches and fundraisers. Jack H. Jackson shared about his 45 years of membership and the scholarship program and Barbara St,John gave a perspective from a relatively new member and shared about the meals provided at Ronald McDonald House. Discussion about Kiwanis continued at the tables where the visitor and new member were sitting.

Submitted by John Seigel

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