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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News March 27, 2019

Olive Garden Restaurant, 75th and Dodge, Wednesday, March 27, 2019

President Valerie Stoj lead the meeting, the Pledge and “God bless...

America”, David Huelsmann gave the invocation.

Feeding Flood Victims and Volunteers, Hamburg, IA: The NE/IA Kiwanis will provide about 2,000 meals this Saturday, March 30, beginning at 10 am. Valerie will e-mail information if you are interested in assisting.

NE/IA Foundation Flood Relief fund: A fund has been set aside for flood victims.

Interclub: Frank Frerich promoted an Interclub to Bellevue am at the Bellevue Firemen’s Lodge on Thursday, April 11, at 7 am.

Drawing: Bruce Moulton drew the Queen of Clubs.

Happy Bucks: Treasurer Vern Waldren stepped into the shoes of Ralph Peppard, collecting some happy bucks.

Next Week’s Program, April 3: Bruce Moulton will invite the girls basketball honorees.

Today’s Program:: John Seigel introduced Rachidi Adedokoun, a native of the West African Country of Benin, who made his name easier for Americans to Roger Ade. Roger shared his story of applying for an opportunity (lottery) to the US Immigration and Naturalization Service and was selected, with his wife Judyth, to come to Omaha to study and work in 2009. He shared how he handled three jobs with no initial knowledge of the English language, including one at the long-term care facility Ambassador, where he became aware of the needs of disabled persons. After a time as a janitor at First Data, as an accountant with Physician’s Mutual and pre-med classes at Creighton he and his wife established a company, DDCN (Developmental Disability Center of Nebraska), which contracts with the State of Nebraska currently for 28 “clients” with mostly emotional disabilities, who are housed by themselves or in pairs in the community instead of in large institutional facilities. Their staff, many of which are part time, are about 90, as each client needs about 4 persons to be with them around the clock, 7 days a week. He shared about his small home village, which he strongly supports financially and with donated materials. Recently he sent 3 containers with items from a closed hotel to his home village. He and his wife established their success in only 10 years in the county.

Editor’s comments: To “win the lottery” applicants had to give much information about their education and their goals and write an essay, similar to the applicants for the Kiwanis scholarships. Only a small number of the applicants are selected, based on the information they provide and additional screening. These “best and brightest” of their countries come to the US under a government program created to expand immigration from previously underrepresented parts of the world. Besides his native dialect Roger is fluent in French, an official language in several West African countries, because of he French colonization of that area.

Submitted by John Seigel

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