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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News March 6, 2019

Olive Garden Restaurant,75th and Dodge, Wednesday, March 6, 2019.

President Valerie Stoj lead the meeting and the patriotic song, Frank Frerich...

started the Pledge of Allegiance and John Seigel gave the invocation.

9 members were present.

Tax Auction: The following members and family members participated in earning $100 each for the club’s welfare fund by assisting at an auction of delinquent property taxes in Sarpy County on behalf of an investor: Vern and Cherie Waldren, Valerie and Bob Stoj, Bob Lodes, Ralph Peppard.

Voluntary Donation instead of Pancake Day: Vern Waldren shared that since Kiwanis no longer sponsors the pancake day, when members “bought” tickets for $60, which went the welfare fund, members who did not participate in the tax auction fund raiser are encourage but not required to contribute an amount between $60 and $100. A drawing of $100 will be made later to include those who served at the tax auction and those who contributed.

Golf Outing: Teri Layton reported that she and other volunteers plan to meet on March 18 or 19 to finalize the plans for the May 31 event.

Division 20 Meeting: Valerie Stoj and Glen Fineman attended this morning and gave a brief report.

NE/IA Kiwanis District Mid-Year Conference cancelled: Because of bad weather the Conference on February 23 was cancelled. Since no votes could be taken, the election for trustee will be made by mail.

NE/IA Foundation: Chairman Lonnie Shoemate shared at the breakfast that the foundation needs a secretary and a treasurer. Applications for grants to worthwhile causes can be submitted.

Drawing: John Seigel drew the 7 of Diamonds, the lowest card in the deck, instead of he Ace of Clubs, the highest card.

Happy Bucks: Sheriff Ralph Peppard collected unusually many bucks, since we did not meet one day last month and had student recognition on another one.

Upcoming Programs:

March 13: Linda Jones will present the winners of the Westside Elementary School Fifth Grade Speech Contest.

March 20: Katja Starkey, daughter of John Seigel, will share about the work her Non-Profit  is doing with four orphanages in African Countries.

March 27: Rachidi Adedoukoun, who calls himself Roger in the US, a native of the West African County Benin, will share about his upbringing in a less developed country, his being selected to come to the US as a student, his way of becoming a US citizen and his and his wife Judyth’s serving developmentally disabled Omahans as contractors for the State of Nebraska.

April Programs: Jack Jackson is scheduling programs for April including the Scholarship presentations on April 3.

Today’s Program: John Seigel, with considerable IT help from Vern Waldren, showed pictures and gave a review of his and his wife’s cruise on a small ship around Iceland in July 2017. One item not mentioned is that Iceland is about half the size of the State of Nebraska.

Submitted by John Seigel

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