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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News November 14, 2018

Olive Garden Restaurant, 75th and Dodge, Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

Members were happy to welcome back president Valerie Stoj, who had been working hard
for the last several weeks helping run the election process for Douglas County, with
no recounts required. A total of 14 of our 17 members were in attendance!

President Valerie Stoj lead the meeting and (thankfully) the singing of “God bless
America”. Glen Fineman, who also was a returnee, started the Pledge of Allegiance
and gave the invocation.

Flag Placements on Veterans Day: Dennis Cronin reported that all flags were placed
and picked up on Sunday by Rod, Bruce, Ralph, Frank, Dennis and his wife LAURRIE.
The next placement will be on a warmer day next year.

Clothes for kids: Barbara St. John circulated a sign-up sheet for Tuesday, December
4. Members meet at 6:45 pm at WalMart at 72nd Street and meet children and their
parents at 7 pm to help them select clothing items.

Bell ringing: Saturday, December 1 beginning at 7:30 am. Valerie Stoj reported that
there is at least one member signed up for each 90-minute shift at Wheatfields at
103rd and Pacific. If additional members wish to sign up they can become the second
member for that shift.

Update on Ronald McDonald House: Barbara St. John reported that after the completion
of the remodeling there will be as many as 40 families in attendance, compared to
the maximum of 20 at this time. She suggested and the membership agreed not to serve
food to the larger group, but instead to donate $200 of the $400 budgeted to the
House while feeding 2 (instead of 4) meals to the smaller group before the

Interclub: Frank Frerich, Bruce Moulton, Rod Jones and John Seigel attended the
Tuesday meeting of the Greater Omaha Golden K. The speaker was a retired top
executive of the HyVee grocery stores, who gave a very informative presentation from
the start in 1930 to today’s more than 250 stores in the northern Midwest. 

Drawing: Linda Jones removed the 10 of Diamonds, for those of you who keep track.

Happy Bucks:  Sheriff Ralph Peppard collected many of these, including a number for
having Valerie Stoj back with us.

Upcoming Programs: Bruce Moulton will bring area high school students to the
November 28 and December 5 luncheons to be honored for basketball and volleyball
We will have a meeting on November 21. January Programs: Treasurer Vern Waldren is scheduling all January programs, including Douglas County Board member Clare Duda for his annual report and on January 2 his cousin and the NE/IA KIWANIS Governor Sue Waldren. Today’s Speaker: In an effort for our members to know more about the members who have become good friends, Bruce Mounton shared about being raised by very supportive adoptive parents, his many years as a middle school science teacher in the Westside School District, coach and “official” at high school sporting competitions, and his and his wife’s raising of two adopted children. Submitted by john Seigel
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