√ July 1:
Gretchen Crane- Omaha Conservatory of Music
√ July 8:
DeJuan Reddick Exec Director POC-
Joey Wolfe, Development Director
The Hope Center for Kids
2200 N 20th Street 
Omaha, NE 68110
√ July 15:
 Alexis Bromley, Omaha Girls Rock
July 22:

Tracy Domgard and Key Club Reps RE: International Key Club Convention

July 29:

Leigh Healey RDN, LMNT, LD

Hy-Vee Corporate Registered Dietitian

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Welcome to the Kiwanis Club of West Omaha
Founded in 1938 for Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha and founded in 1961 for Kiwanis Club Westside which have merged together to form the Kiwanis Club of West Omaha. Each has a rich history of community service throughout the years. We are an eclectic mix of ages, genders, occupations, backgrounds and interests. We are all passionate about making our community and the world a better place for children so they can thrive. We are devoted to serving the children in our local community and also children all across the country and worldwide through unique and innovative service projects and fundraising initiatives. Members and invited guests meet each Monday at Noon for food, fellowship, and for the opportunity to hear from speakers about important matters in our region.
Meeting Location:
RSVP or Questions: [email protected]
Attendance 16 Members.

The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Greg.  This was followed with the Pledge of Allegiance. 
No winner for 50/50 drawing.
Ralph collected Happy Bucks.
Barbara Lund Irvin, Lieutenant Governor was our special guest.  She reminded us of the Leadership Conference on March 15th in Johnston, IA. Registration is $50.00
Dale reported we are scheduled for reading at Sacred Heart School on Thursday, February 1st. Barb, Dave, Rich and Dale have volunteered.  Reading has been changed from February 15th to February 22nd.  Greg and Joann volunteered for the 22nd. Need 2 more volunteers.
Need 4 volunteers for the following dates: February 29th and March 21st. Contact Dale if you are available to volunteer.
Completely Kids can use 4 volunteers on February 28th. Barb and Dave volunteered. Contact Dale if you are available to volunteer.
Deb suggested that each member bring items to our meetings to help Stevens center and Sienna Francis House.  Deb suggested using the 1-1-1 guideline. 1 non perishable food item, 1 garment  and 1 personal item.  Bringing more would be great. They can be brought to any meeting.  Deb and Joann will take care of delivering the items .
Bill has arranged for Jeff Morales from the 50 Mile March Foundation to be our speaker on March 4th. This walk is to raise funds and awareness for Homeless Veterans & Veterans with Mental health challenges. He is encouraging us to have a large attendance at this meeting.
Barb Irvin suggested Kip send this information to the Presidents of other Kiwanis Clubs in case they would like to have an Inter club at this meeting.
Kip introduced our speaker from the Omaha Police Department Homicide Division: Lt. Nick Andrews. He has been with the Omaha Police Department for 18 years. He gave some interesting and amazing statistics. 100 % of homicides in 2023 were solved. National average is 50 %. The Homicide unit has 15 detectives. They work with 4 Intel analysts, the Forensic Unit, Gang Intelligence Unit, Narcotics Unit and Uniformed Police Officers. He was an excellent speaker.
Speaker for February 5th is Siena Francis Tiny Houses: Linda Twomey, Executive Director/CEO
Next meeting is February 5th at noon at Legends.
Submitted by Barb St John
Attendance 16 Members.
The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Ralph.  This was followed with the Pledge of Allegiance. 
No winner for 50/50 drawing.
Joann collected Happy Bucks.
Dale, Steve and Joel were Readers for Sacred Heart School on January 18th. They had to shorten the reading time due to inclement weather.
Next Date is February 1st. Dave, Barb and Rich volunteered.
Dale talked to Laura at Completely Kid's. She can use 2 volunteers on January 30th.  contact Dale if you can volunteer.
Laura can also use 3 or 4 volunteers on February 28th.  Barb, Dave, Dale & Rich  volunteered for the 28th.
Hours to be at Completely Kid's are 9:00 am til around 10:30 or 11:00.
Jack talked to Frank this past Saturday regarding his recent fall. He broke his leg right close to the hip joint. It was necessary to have partial hip replacement surgery. He was in Bergan Mercy at that time. The plan is to transfer him to Immanuel Rehab for possibly a 6 week stay. I'm sure he would appreciate cards and emails.
The Board voted to send a $100.00 check to Radio Talking Books in Will Spech's memory. Will was very involved with Radio Talking Books.
Kip introduced our speaker Monroe Burianek, Adult Education and Volunteer Coordinator of Lauritzen Gardens. Lauritzen Gardens is the nation's premier botanical garden for its ability to impart beauty, awe, and knowledge about local-to-global natural worlds. Monroe gave a power point presentation on the 17 gardens at Lauritzen Gardens. The presentation also included programs that are available to the public and volunteer opportunities. They have about 200 volunteers and 25 to 30 full time staff. This was a very informative presentation.
Next Board Meeting is February 8th at 6:30 at Kip's Office
Speaker for January 29th is Lt. Nick Andrews from the Omaha Police Department Homicide Division.
Next meeting is January 29th at noon at Legends.

Submitted by Barb St John
Attendance 13 Members.

The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Kip. . This was followed with the Pledge of Allegiance. 
No winner for 50/50 drawing.
Stu collected Happy Bucks.

Dale said Reading for Sacred Heart School will start this week. The Dates are January 18th, February 1st and February 15th.  Dale and Joel signed up for January 18th. 2 more volunteers are needed.  Barb and Dave signed up for February 1st. 2 more volunteers are needed.  4 Volunteers are needed for February 15th.  Contact Dale if you are available to volunteer.
Joel reported we had an Interclub at the Kiwanis Meeting at Country Side Church. Eddie, Greg, Joann and Deb attended it.
Kip introduced our speaker Jay Lund Principal of Greenslate Development & Blackstone District.

Jay brings extensive commercial real estate experience and strong local relationships to GreenSlate’s diverse portfolio. Listening to what Omaha locals want and feel is missing from their city, Jay strives to craft a sense of place through strategic partnerships with tenants and investors. His vision is to create a neighborhood destination filled with unique experiences. A very interesting speaker.

Monroe Burianek, Lauritzen Gardens: Adult Education and Volunteer Coordinator will be our speaker for January 22nd.
Our next meeting is January 22nd at noon at Legends.
Submitted by Barb St John