Youth Programs



Circle K

ImageThe world's largest collegiate organization dedicated to service and leadership development. It provides the means through which college students can find a means of responsible student action in their community and campus. Committee members assist the students in following International guidelines, attend their meetings, help build leadership skills and support their community projects. Circle K International has 13,256 members on 427university and college campuses in 19 countries.

Key Club

ImageEducatingYouth,is a service organization for high school students. And, although the club operates under the school's regulations, it is different from the school's other clubs. Key Club is unique because it blends service with outstanding leadership training. The projects and activities undertaken by a Key Club provide learning experiences outside of the classroom and encourages students to become involved in their school and community. Key Club International has 264,636 members in 5,081 high schools in 31 countries. We sponsor the Westside High School Key Club.

Builder's Club

ImageA Junior High and Middle School program for students between the ages of 12 and 15 who want to take positive constructive action to "build" a better world for themselves and others. This program's motto is WE BUILD and encourages service, strong moral character, develops leadership skills and team work values, and encourages loyalty to their school and community. Builders Clubs have been organized in 1,558 junior high and middle schools with 46,740 members in 18 countries.


ImageAn Elementary school program for students Kindergarten through 6th Grade to encourage good behavior, community service, high moral character, team work values, and loyalty to both school and their community. K-Kids have 37,920 members in 1,264 elementary schools in 8 countries. The Westside High School Key Club and Kiwanis Club of Omaha Westside sponsor the Paddock Road K-Kids

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