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The 2018 Kiwanis All-Valley All Star Basketball Classic is coming to the Hamilton High School Gym on Tuesday, March 13.

The annual event brings together some of Bitterroot Valley high school basketball players for a night of friendly competition. 

The girls’ game will be at 6 p.m. (with the boys’ three-point contest at half time) and the boys’ will play at 8 p.m. (with the girls’ three-point competition at half time).

Awards and scholarship announcements will be made at the end of the evening.

The teams are comprised of basketball athletes throughout the valley selected for positions they play.

Kiwanis president Jaime Tadvick said the selections committee is picky.

“We’re really selective,” Tadvick said. “We take in to account sportsmanship and citizenship – those are a critical part of life so we want to make sure they are good student athletes. We keep our ears to the ground – they might be an excellent athlete but how are they off the court.”

For the community, the All-Valley All Star Basketball Classic is an opportunity to watch senior basketball players one more time.

“The Kiwanis do this every year and it is fun to see the kids that grew up in our soccer program that we put on every fall,” Tadvick said. “They come back and play in this and really enjoy it. It is fun for them and fun for us to see them grown up. Kiwanis just takes an interest in kids. Anything kids are doing, we want to support.”

The teams are comprised of members who have competed against each other all season. The timing is rough as some schools are already on spring break and the Hamilton Lady Broncs will, hopefully, be playing through Saturday.

Tadvick said that usually during the first half of the games the players struggle a bit because the athletes have never played as teammates.

“There isn’t a warm-up - we just put them out there,” he said.

Honorary coaches are Bill Rummell, Roger Gantz, Neil Miller, Andy Kehmeier and Tadvick.

“There is a big rivalry there,” Tadvick said. “Bill and Roger have each won one game apiece and this is their rubber match.”

Admission to the 2018 Kiwanis All-Valley All Star Basketball Classic is $4 with all proceeds benefitting Bitterroot Valley youth through Kiwanis.

“The money goes right back into our Key Clubs (Stevensville and Darby) and our kids programs like soccer and school donations,” Tadvick said. “We also give scholarships out to seniors every year too.”

The most well-known Kiwanis program in the Bitterroot Valley may be their annual Christmas food boxes.

“We also have our fishing program in June that we put on,” Tadvick said. “A lot of the kids that play grew up participating in the fishing derby. The kids that participate in the basketball classic want to help us because they’ve participated in our programs in the past.”

Kiwanis help with hosting basketball matches during the regular basketball season.

“It is fun for us to watch the kids and get to know them better during our games and three-point contests,” Tadvick said.

Fifteen to 20 Kiwanis volunteers work during the all-star event. They run the game, the three-point contests and the 50/50 raffle. The Hamilton Booster Club concession will be open and the Hamilton Key Club will put on a cake raffle.

The boy's light team includes Hamilton's Tanner Goligoski, Hunter Omlid, Carson Rostad; Florence's Marcus Zeiler, Tyce Pedersen; Corvallis' Kobe Jessop, Ridge Albright; Stevenville's Dalton Bragg, Alex Gavlak and Nelson Smith of Darby

The boy's dark team includes Hamilton's Cam Rothie, Carter Kearns, Tyler Chouinard, Bridger Bauder; Stevensville's Colby Meeds, Logan Roth; Corvallis' Ryal Jessop, Zach Jessop; Florence's Brent Stroppel and Aaron Hansen of Darby.

The girl's light team consists of Hamilton's Cariann Kunkel, Kara Nye, Lauren Ryter; Corvallis' Calla Haldorson, Lainie Albright; Florence's Jewel Zeiler, Makenna Liles; Stevensville's Megan Pendergast, Maddie Weber, Darby's Peyton Muir and Madison Allred of Victor. 

The girl's dark team includes Hamilton's Tessa Della Silva, Tristy Searle, Mallory McGill; Florence's Danielle Zahn, Rilee Mangun; Darby's Casey Ehmann, Shianne Kauk; Stevensville's Angel Richards, Kayla Schmiedeke, Corvallis' Tayler Wright and Ashley Hopper of Victor. 

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