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We must be an example for our children. This was the message Jim Pendleton shared with the Kiwanis Club at their recent meeting. He became a single parent when his daughter was 7 years old. That was a life-changing experience for him, and he determined to become the kind of man he would want her to eventually marry.

Pendleton had a successful career and worked for 39 years at Edwards Air Force Base. However, it was in raising a daughter that he found real fulfillment. She is now 17 years old and the joy of his life.

Kiwanis members appreciated this message because their goal is to improve the lives of children. Their efforts go toward raising funds for scholarships, providing books, supporting Salvation Army projects which help children, and other services.

Jim Pendleton moved to Tehachapi in 1997 and retired in 2012. He considered starting a business in this town he had come to love. By chance he learned the Christian store was going out of business and felt it was meant for him. In October 2016, Pendleton became the new owner of a store he knew little about, but he learned quickly how to manage the business.

The store has become not only a place to buy items, but also a haven for those in need of friendship or material help. Pendleton accepts donated blankets and other items that he gives to the homeless or those in need. He wants the store to be a showcase for the community and an example of love and kindness toward all people.

Kiwanis meets Wednesdays at noon at the Police Community Room. There is a short business meeting and then a speaker such as Pendleton. Prospective members are urged to come to a meeting and see if they might be interested in joining the Club. Call 823-4848.

Phyllis Belcher is a longtime Tehachapi resident, and is involved in various volunteer organizations.

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