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Kiwanis Club prioritizes local children, community - Mcrecordonline


The Huntsville Kiwanis Club has been serving the community and its children since the local group was incorporated in 1975.

The Huntsville chapter was incorporated in 1975, with Dean Stanphill chosen as the first president, according to former secretary and current member Patti Cline. She said about 45 people currently are members of the Huntsville organization. There were 23 charter members in 1975.

Women in 1987 “were invited to join” Kiwanis clubs around the world, Cline said. The first female member of the Huntsville chapter was Anna Woodbridge. Betty Dillahunty was the first female president of the local chapter, Cline said.

Troy Dennis is 91 years old and an active member. Dennis joined the club in 1979. He has had 18 years of perfect attendance and has served as president of the local chapter twice, he said last week.

“Our number one obligation is to the children of the world,” Dennis said.

Dennis said he is pleased about Arkansas Children’s Hospital Northwest in Springdale, which will open this month.

“We are thrilled to death to get that up here,” he said. “That is the best thing that’s happened.”

The Huntsville Kiwanis Club meets every Thursday at

7 a.m. at the Crossbow Restaurant, located at 537 N. Parrott Drive. Anyone interested in the club is invited to attend.

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