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Kiwanis Club awards scholarships to tow Roseburg High School ... -


The Kiwanis Club has awarded two scholarships in 2017, a $1,000 Active Education Scholarship to Ronnie Crabtree, and a $1 000 Key Club Scholarship to Natalie Lehrbach, who was the Key Club president at Roseburg High School this year. Crabtree plans to use his scholarship for accounting and computer science classes at UCC.

The Active Education Program serves students at risk of not graduating from high school. It tries to teach the same core subjects in a more active way. It works toward proficiency using project-based education and takes a holistic approach to education. the program advocates that basic needs of students must be met before they can be successful at school. Students attend field trips outside of Douglas County throughout the year, a road-bike program and a community volunteer class. They also volunteer with places like Saving Grace and Wildlife Safari.

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