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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News February 28, 2018

Olive Garden Restaurant, 75th and Dodge, Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Cindy Cone presided, all spoke the pledge in unison, Bob Lodes...

started “God bless America” and Frank Frerich gave the invocation.

Three tables were filled with female basketball honorees from nearby high schools, their coaches and guests.

Interclub Friday, March 9, noon: Bellevue Offutt at the hospital cafeteria about 25th and HY 370. Members signed up: Frank Frerich, Cindy Cone, Bruce Moulton and John Seigel.

Tax Auction Sarpy County: Vern Waldren was still looking for a couple of volunteers to assist Monday, March 5 from 7:30 to about noon to earn $100 for our club’s Welfare Fund. Please contact Vern at 402-680-8442 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Division 20 Meeting: Wednesday, March 7 at 7 am at “First Watch, SE corner of 72nd and Pacific.

Happy Bucks: Sheriff Ralph Peppard was able to join us after a major illness. He collected many happy bucks, including several for his being back and gaining strength.

Next Week’s speaker: Dr Claude Akkussah, director of lab service at Methodist Women’s Hospital, about his path of becoming a US citizen as a native of a West Afrikan Country.

Honoring Basketball Students: Because of a considerable delay in the arrival of meals Bruce Moulten started early to introduce the coaches, who gave a speech about their honorees. Bruce then grilled the honorees, shared a few personal stories and sometimes had the students introduce their guest, mostly parents. They were:

School                                   Honoree                                Coach                                     Guests

Westside High                      Caroline Leibel                     Steve Clark                           Toni and Tim Leibel

Marian High                          Emma Raabe                       Peter Cunningham              Aaron and Gail Raabe

Burke High                            Justice Alioth                        Randy Howard                     Angie Majestic (mother)

Northwest High        unfortunately they were not able to attend. The certificate will be sent to honoree Kaylynn Tucker

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Left to right:

Emma Raabe - Marian High School

Caroline Leibel - Westside High School She also won State

Justice Alioth - Burke High School


Submitted by John Seigel


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