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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News February 14, 2018

Olive Garden Restaurant, 75th and Dodge, Wednesday, February 14, 2018

President Cindy Cone lead the meeting, John Seigel started the Pledge,...

Valerie Stoj lead “God bless America” and Cindy Cone gave the invocation.

As it was Valentine’s Day, the focus was on invited spouses. Vern Waldren introduced his wife Cherie, Jack Jackson introduced his wife Janet, Will speech introduced his wife Jan, Rod Jones introduced his wife Linda and – Dave Huelsmann introduced his (member) wife Barbara.

Board meeting: Cindy Cone has already e-mailed the minutes of yesterday’s board meeting, so the contents will not be repeated here.

Installation of new member: Linda Jones will be officially inducted into our club on March 7, just in time for her to present the Westside Middle School speech contest winners on March 21.

Scholarships: Jack Jackson has contacted counselors in area High Schools about our scholarships totaling $3,000 and scheduled the recipients to join us at our April 18 meeting.

Interclub: Cindy Cone, Bruce Moulton, Rod Jones and John Seigel represented our club at the Greater Omaha Kiwanis Club Monday to hear from Republican District 2 Representative Don Bacon.

Night Watch: John Seigel reported about the most recent Night Watch to North Omaha from his perspective.

Happy Bucks: Vern Waldren collected many Happy Bucks on this Valentine’s Day.

Today’s Speaker: Valerie Stoj introduced Amy Matter from the Omaha Public Library, who spoke about their annual “speed dating” event, which over several years has resulted in at least 3 marriages. Participants have 3 minutes to make a first impression and then move on to the net person. It appears that more ladies are interested in participating, than men. Since all members present appeared to happily celebrate February 14 with their spouses there were no immediate sign-ups for next year’s event.

Upcoming Programs:

February 21 and 28: Bruce Moulton will honor students for their accomplishments in Volley Ball and Baseball.

March 7: Dr. Claude Akoussah, a native of Togo, West Africa, Director of the Laboratory at the Methodist Women’s Hospital, will speak about his upbringing in Africa and his path to come to the United States after spending some several years in France.

March 14. Contact made, not yet confirmed.

March 21: Speech Contest.

March 28: Contact made, not yet confirmed.

Submitted by John Seigel

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