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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News August 23, 2017

Olive Garden Restaurant, 75th and Dodge, Wednesday, August 23, 2017
President Dennis Cronin lead the meeting, Joe Schmidtke lead “My country tis .... . .” and Cindy Cone gave the invocation.
Guest, Ronald McDonald meal: Barbara St.John introduced her neighbor Barb, who again joined us and who will again help with the Ronald McDonald meal Saturday evening.
Dues for 2017-18 are now due: Treasurer Vernon Waldren handed out renewal notices to members present. “We are close to starting our new Kiwanis year October 1. As part of the process you will receive your dues invoices either at the weekly meeting or via mail. Please follow the directions on returning your dues check to Vernon Waldren. All the content information is in the letter.”
All Play August 26: There were still a few slots to fill for Kiwanis volunteers.
Officers, Directors and new members installation: Thursday, September 28 at Champion Golf Club, thanks to Jack Jackson, who is a member there. Social time 6 pm, sit down served dinner about 6:45. Chicken or Salmon $24 inclusive, 10 oz steak $ 28. Please make reservations and pay Vernon Waldren (check to Kiwanis Club of Omaha, Westside) in advance. Payment can be combined with membership renewal.
Upcoming Programs: Joe Schmidtke sent this out separately.
Flag Placement Labor Day, September 4. Dennis Cronin will send out a volunteer list shortly. This leaves Veterans Day, November 11 for another placement.
Drawing: Barbara St., John removed the 3 of Hearts from the deck, leaving $64 for someone else to win. This amount is small compared the the $700,000,000 winning of a national lottery.
Today’s Speaker: Chief Weather Reporter (Forecaster) for WOWT NBC, Channel 6, spoke about his involvement and impressions in reporting about the recent solar eclipse and spoke about the many changes in forecasting weather including many improvements in computerized models. (I wonder if better forecasting provides better weather?) Smile
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