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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News June 28, 2017

Olive Garden Restaurant, 75th and Dodge, Wednesday, June 28, 2017
President Dennis Cronin lead the meeting, Jozef Schmidtke lead “My country this of... thee . . .” and gave the invocation.
Guests: Speaker Teri Layton introduced her grandson Corbin and Jozef Schmidtke welcomed Realtor Jen Magilton of Better Homes and Gardens, whose father is a member of a Golden K Club, as well as (after some prodding) his wife Collette and their son Nathan.
Officer Training: President Elect Jozef Schmidtke attended Saturday’s training meeting for Districts 19 and 20 and one more.
Division 20 Meeting: Wednesday, July 5 at 7 am at a new location, “Interstate” near 72nd and Pacific Streets.
Division 20 Bowling: Our club will be represented by Dennis Cronin, Ralph Peppard, Bruce Moulton and Rod Jones.
Flag Placement July 4: Dennis Cronin has enough volunteers for the 7 am placement and could use more help for the 6 pm pick-up.
Speaker July 5: “At Ease USA” about the needed emotional and other support for soldiers returning from foreign wars.
Away Meeting August 9 at Papillion Manor: Joe Schmidtke announced that we will have our August 9 lunch with long time member, club treasurer and NE/IA trustee Bill Morrison.
Drawing: Barbara St.John removed the 9 of Spades, leaving $29.50 undistributed.
Happy Bucks: Treasurer and substitute Sheriff Vern Waldren collected a few bucks from a small but happy crowd.
Today’s Speaker: The Club did not spare any expense in bringing in traveler Teri Layton, who spoke enthusiastically and with excellent documentation about many of the interesting places we may still have to visit in the State of Nebraska. Teri especially elaborated on the many golf courses she has played or may still be playing. We are all now better informed what may be so close for us to enjoy! Thank you, Teri!
Submitted by John Seigel
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