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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News May 3, 2017

 President Dennis Cronin called the meeting to order. Joe Smchidtke led the patriotic song and gave the invocation.
Joe Schmidtke,Glen Finman, Dennis Cronin, and Rod Jones attended the division council meeting Led by our own

Bruce Moulton, the Lt. governor Dennis reported the there will be bowling tournament sponsored by Division 20.

It will be held on July 28th at the “Mark” Bowling alley in Elknorn, also, the home of our Wish and Spin.
Each club is asked to organize at least one team of 4 bowlers to participate. They welcome more teams as well.
The funds raised will be give to the Eliminate Project.
The club officers training will be held on June 24th in Council Bluffs. Dennis has more details.
The Flag project will be having thier first holiday display on Saturday, May 20.
Also, on May 20th, our club provides a meal for Ronald McDonald House.
Be sure to volunteer, We need your help.Contact Barb or Dennis.
Ralph presented the program focusing on his Master Gardener
training on the spring planting potted plants outdoors He provided some
very helpful tips to have a successful spring planting. He focused on the effect of the sun, temperature,
wind, and ways to support and other ways protect them from the elements.
Rod was the lucky winner of the drawing that gave our membership a chance to win $100.
The drawing was funded by a group of our members who participated in the Sarpy County tax sale.
Those members were included in the drawing and anyone else who wanted to participate was
asked to donate $ dollars to our treasury as a way help replace the pancake breakfast fund
that were lost with the canceling of the breakfast.We thank Vern Waldren for organizing this fundraising opportunity..

Club assistant reporter,
Rod Jones

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