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Omaha Westside Kiwanis News April 26, 2017

Olive Garden Restaurant, 75th and dodge, Wednesday, April 26, 2017.
President Dennis Cronin lead the meeting, Rod Jones started “God bless America” and... Dave Huelsmann gave the invocation.
Guest: We welcomed Gary Scheet, current member of the Bellevue Offutt Kiwanis Club, who sold their Bellevue home to move into Bloomfield Retirement community near Westroads. Gary, who has attended our club with interclubs before, is checking out a few Kiwanis Clubs closer to his new home for potential membership.
All Play Cleanup last Saturday: Members Joe Schmidtke, Barbara St.John, Alyssa De Frain, Bruce Moulton, Rod Jones and John Seigel assisted in getting the grounds and buildings ready for baseball for young people with disabilities. Games will start soon at the end of May. We were joined by members from other Kiwanis Clubs and other volunteers and treated to a chicken lunch.
Correction Holocaust Memorial Service: The location for yesterday’s service, as reported by Glen Fineman, was at Beth El Synagogue, which is on the north side of Pacific at about 120th Street, not where this report stated it last week. Sorry this is getting there too late.
Flag Fundraiser: Dennis Cronin reported that the “bills” and information about our club will be mailed to home owners n the Loveland area this week.
Golf Outing June 2: Teri Layton reported that there are now 12 hole sponsors with 6 open slots and members are encouraged to sign up their teams.
Wishing Spin: Bruce Moulton and Rod Jones collected $92 for the month to go to our welfare fund.
Special Olympics: Ralph Peppard is looking for volunteers for Friday, May 19, beginning at 5:45 at Northwest High School.
Drawing: Teri Layton was lucky to get to remove the King of Hearts, leaving $108 for someone else to win.
Happy Bucks: President Dennis Cronin started and Sheriff Ralph Peppard finished collecting many Happy Bucks.
Today’s Speaker: Jack H. Jackson introduced Historian Ben Harvey, who spoke about the North Platte Canteen, where volunteers from North Platte and surrounding communities were feeding thousands of soldiers on trains stopping for refueling and adding water for steam locomotives during World War II.
Submitted by John Seigel
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